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Microphone ImageWhen people are looking for someone to do a voice over for them, they are usually looking for certain qualities in the presentation. One voice over expert described Tom's presentation as real, honest, fun-loving and friendly. He said the voice sounded clear, warm, personable and polished. He went on to say he felt listeners would find it relatable, bright and easy to listen to. Tom was pleased to hear this since those are the qualities most potential clients are likely to be looking for. For more about Tom, see his Bio page.

So you may be asking yourself..."Just what is a voiceover Tom?" Well, I'm glad you asked! Commercials, audio books, overhead announcements, narratives for documentaries or training videos, that voice in the airport that warns you that the moving walkway is ending, and even your voicemail system at the office....that's all voiceover work! For more examples, see the Services page.

Tom's easy going and honest manner make it easy to discuss projects and fees with him. Use his contact or audition request page to contact him or use the email or toll free number above. You will be well taken care of.

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